// "Cheap Equipment" shoot tomorrow….//

should do my nails before this shoot….but i just wanna sleep and not have my hands in pain…womens fashion asthetics suck. my hands and chest are gonna be the only things femenin enough to balance one of my characters. i think im wear a cut up green blazer…or some shit…and i need to find hair gel.

i collected all my placebos from my birthcontrollpills and found other fake drugs along with of course fake blood, red lipstick and tons of eyeliner.

there will be 2 character transitions/parrelle existances kinda things, portraying how hard it is to controll yourself in the faces of not only consumable temptaion but also submitting yourself to a crippling devaluement of paradigms that once had substance.

i want to use the transparent overlap effect in this film/photoshoot.illustrations will probably be used…as well.

with or with out Mr.McQuade i will at least get some of this film done tomorrow.